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Business Intelligence Course Supervisor – The Professional Diploma in Business Intelligence Program makes you proficient in the tools and systems used by Business Intelligence Professionals. This Professional Diploma course includes in-depth training in Data Warehousing and BI, Power BI, Informatica and Tableau. The curriculum has been determined through extensive research of 5000+ job descriptions around the world.

DW Architecture, ERwin, ETL, Data Modeling, Reporting, Teradata SQL, Data Visualization, Advanced SQL, Data Protection, Performance Optimization and 16 Skills.

Business Intelligence Course Supervisor

Learn concepts like data modeling, DW architecture, ETL basics, ERwin, data visualization and business reporting with Taksha’s data warehouse training. This course will help you gain experience in data warehousing and business intelligence techniques.

Business Intelligence (bi) Training

Build Power BI Q&A skills with Business Analytics and Power BI DAX, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Content packs, and Taksha’s Power BI training. This course is tailored to industry-specific situations and is instructor-led. Likewise, training provides mastery of concepts through hands-on demonstration.

Apache Spark and Scala certification training from Taksha prepares you for the Cloudera Hadoop and Spark Developer certification exam (CCA175). This course will enable you to master Apache Spark and the Spark ecosystem. It includes Spark RDD, Spark MLlib, Spark SQL, and Spark Streaming. In addition to all of the above, you will learn HDFS, Scala Programming Language, FLume, Sqoop, Spark GraphX ​​and Kafka.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, LOD Expressions, Charts, Tableau Online, and more with Taxa’s Tableau Certification Course. Get in-depth knowledge of Our training will help you master data visualization, Business Intelligence tools and reporting. Courses are entirely online and instructor-led. In addition, you will work on real-life use cases in entertainment, retail, life sciences, and transportation systems.

Data Warehousing, Data Mining, ETL, Data Modeling, Database Concepts, Data Replication, Data Transformation, Performance Tuning, Data Visualization and Reporting, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, MSBI, MicroStrategy, Tablisa, Cognos BI, QlikView, Power BI , Talend, NoSQL DB Concepts, MongoDB Architecture, Pentaho BI, Teradata, Informatica PowerCenter, etc.

Resume Skills And Keywords For Artificial Intelligence Specialist (updated For 2023)

Whether you are an experienced professional working in the IT industry or planning to enter the world of Business Intelligence, this program has been designed and developed to address a wide range of skills.

According to, a BI architect can earn an average annual salary of $102K and depending on the profile and domain, the annual salary can go up to 140K or more.

Taksha: One stop solution for career development. With years of collective experience in offering intermediate and blended learning programs, Taksha is committed to providing the best online education to students and working professionals worldwide. Our courses help you save time, money and frustration. Our courses also improve the results and effectiveness of your higher education dream.

Enroll in the program, complete all your courses and a capstone project to receive an international certificate of completion. This certificate is associated with an ID that is being checked for authenticity.

Business Intelligence Using Power Bi Training Course

Taksha Smart Labz Professional Diploma Program is recommended by leading industry experts and enables you to become a complete business intelligence expert by mastering data warehouse, data modeling, Teradata, MongoDB, Informatica, Talend, BI tools. , data visualization and reporting tools such as IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, PentahoBI, Tableau, QlikView & Power BI. Individual courses focus on specializing in one or two specific areas, but if you want to become a full-fledged business intelligence professional, this is the way to go.

Business Intelligence software is designed after thorough research and recommendations from industry experts and includes data warehousing, data models, BI tools, data visualization, and more. equips students to meet the demands of complex practice in professions such as

Topics covered but not limited to: Data warehousing, Data mining, ETL, Data modeling, Database concepts, data replication, data manipulation, performance tuning, data visualization and reporting, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, MSBI, MicroStrategy, OLAP Tableau, Cognos BI, QlikView, Power BI, Talend, NoSQL DB Concepts, MongoDB Architecture, Pentaho BI, Teradata, Informatica PowerCenter, etc.

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in the professional diploma program. Whether you are an experienced professional working in the IT industry or planning to enter the world of Business Intelligence, the Professional Diploma program has been designed and developed to address a wide range of skills.

Power Bi Training & Courses

Taksha Smart Labz Professional Diploma in Business Intelligence Program is a thoughtful collection of Instructor-Led and Self-Study courses that enable students to learn skills tailored to their needs, as well as mentored by industry experts. Data Warehousing and BI, Power BI, Informatica and Tableau in Business Intelligence are instructor-led online courses. MicroStrategy 10, IBM Cognos BI, QlikView, Teradata, Talend, MongoDB, Pentaho BI Tutorials

Yes! You can enroll in several other instructor-led or self-paced courses offered by Taksha Smart Labz. That’s the advantage of studying with us – The Chee Plan. You can choose groups that allow you to get the most out of your class without worrying about overlapping or missing out.

The recommended duration to complete this program is 25 weeks, but it is up to the individual to complete this program at their own discretion

Once you sign up, all 12 courses listed in the curriculum will be added to your account. Taksha Smart Labz gives its students instant and lifetime access to every course that is part of the Professional Diploma Programme

Business Intelligence Masters Program Certification

No, we do not complete the course completion order. Our professional diploma program offers the ideal path to becoming a business intelligence professional; However, it is up to the student to complete the studies in the order they wish.

The final certificate for the professional diploma program will be awarded to you upon completion of the following courses: Database and BI Certification Teradata Certification Computer Science Training and Certification Microsoft BI Certification Spreadsheet Training and Certification We have included the following elective LMS courses to help you on your learning journey: MicroStrategy 10 Certification IBM Cognos BI Certification QlikView Certification Power BI Training and Certification Talent Certification Training MongoDB Certification Training Pentaho BI Certification Completion of the above selected courses is not tied to the Master’s Program completion criteria.

Yes, once you’ve successfully passed the final assessment and been approved by our subject matter experts, we’ll issue a certificate of completion for each course that’s part of the course. Technology has advanced dramatically in recent years to enable faster procedures and bring in large amounts of data. Enterprises are adopting business intelligence (BI), which uses software and services to turn data into actionable insights and help them make informed and tactical business decisions.

Business Intelligence professionals turn collected business data into actionable information so that business leaders and stakeholders can make informed strategic decisions based on it. A BI analyst analyzes data to find sources of lost revenue and inefficiency, then communicates that information to colleagues so they can come up with solutions.

Best Business Intelligence Course Online In 2023 [updated]

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in finance, information technology, statistics or data analysis, as well as 2 to 3 years of experience in a business intelligence field.

1+ years of experience with SQL technologies such as SSRS, SSIS, and SQL Server; 3+ years of experience with Microsoft Office, focusing on Excel and Access; and experience with one or more business intelligence tools such as Birst, Tableau or similar products is highly desirable.

Companies are increasingly relying on employees who can help them collect, access, and analyze data to create more data-driven strategies and be more effective. Business Intelligence Analysts need to analyze data, create data models, and uncover business trends for organizations to develop their current plans.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2018 and 2028, the number of business and management analysts will increase by 14 percent, significantly faster than the national average. On weekends, the Business Intelligence Analyst’s normal office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Business Intelligence Manager

By the end of 2021, the BI and analytics market is expected to reach $26.50 billion. Additionally, businesses that use business intelligence analytics are five times more likely to make faster, more informed decisions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for trained analysts and managers will increase by 14% by 2026, and the need for general professionals will increase by 28% by 2020.

To become an expert in your desired field, you must first build a solid foundation. Before moving on to practical training, you need to acquire the right practical skills. You can use the following tools to get a complete understanding of the domain:

The above steps will help you launch this domain. However, this is a long way to go. You can take an advanced course to achieve a new qualification.

Offer a Business Intelligence certification to anyone who wants to work in this field. This certificate course covers the following topics –

What Is Business Intelligence: Meaning And Scope

Offers free practice tests and online classes to include

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