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Business Intelligence Tools For Resorts – “, said James Manyika, Google’s first-ever technology and community expert in his interview with Katie Couriac in May, 2023.

For a while, he explains that the use of AI technology gives businesses a competitive advantage over their peers.

Business Intelligence Tools For Resorts

The AI ​​is excellent. AI is changing how businesses interact with customers. AI is the next big thing after the advent of internet and mobile computing.

Hotel Industry Reference Architecture

With these types of statements circulating on the Internet, it is easy to get into the mindset, not to mention worry or pressure, that you will be left out when you are not touched by some kind of AI anywhere to enhance your marketing efforts.

Have you read enough already to get the feeling that the power of AI is undeniable, but you really have no idea how to use its power in your hosting marketing?

Dare I say it – no worries. First, while it’s obviously another tipping point for AI development, the buzz has mostly revolved around AI tools in private production, and it’s really been fueled by other AI companies themselves. Who will be the first in the AI ​​’arms race’ to help you start a flying taxi business or better yet help with genome editing?

Second, what may appear to be turbo-change in society and business now, is a significant history of growth and development. I mean, different types of AI-powered algorithms (GAI, DL, ML) have been developing for several decades. If your hotel or restaurant survives a year ago, or five years ago, that is surely not because your efforts have been improved by AI?

Predictive Analytics Software For Hotels, Casinos & Resorts

Compare this – teachers have to be faster because students send texts directly from ChatGPT. But I am convinced that the hospitality sector, building partners, renovation quality, customer service and many other important things every day will always be ahead.

Finally, not every problem can be solved with hotel AI tools – it can give you many ideas, but how to translate them correctly into practical recommendations? Does the tool/data really work in the context of your business? It is important to remember that AI is a backbreaker, inferior to human guidance and decision-making processes.

With all these no-fret-AI-is-not-a-panacea ideas in mind, we’re on a quest to take a closer look at a few AI marketing tools for hosting to help you decide if they can deliver value. the context of your business. Also important, we will mainly look at AI tools for hotels.

From a bird’s-eye view, how exactly can AI help a hotel, B&B or vacation rental? Which tasks can they help you with and even perform completely on your behalf?

Top 10 Hotel Business Intelligence Tools In 2022

These are hotel AI examples of simple AI tools, which are sharpened to solve specific tasks, require a steep learning curve, and are user-friendly.

By the way, the ease of interaction was one of the main reasons that ChatGPT took the market and the community.

There are, however, many general and advanced AI tools, which require your solutions and creativity to approach to take advantage of them.

If you’re itching to start your practice right away, feel free to jump right into our list of AI marketing tools for hosting.

Hospitality Statistics You Must Know: 2023 Data Analysis & Market Share

But since it’s hard to get your head around this topic, we’re giving you a start (we’d love you!) with our little walkthrough that highlights the dos and don’ts of adding AI to your strategy, unveiled below.

As internet users, we are constantly immersed in a world driven by AI-powered algorithms. Take, for example, YouTube recommendations or Gmail’s word suggestions, both of which rely on sophisticated AI hotel algorithms.

So, what is the benefit of AI in the hospitality industry? Not without gaps to fill, AI in the hospitality industry can yield enormous benefits:

Before you begin to enthusiastically use AI in the hospitality industry, take a moment to build a unique mindset to help your business gain profit without being trapped by the limitations of AI.

Reporting Tools And Analytics For Vacation Rentals

The key takeaway here: you should not rely on AI tools as the final decision makers. The devil is in the detail, so to speak, and AI is limited to nuanced decision-making.

“Michael Beresin, chief operating officer of the agency Labelum, notes that the best marketing results come from human-guided AI. Beresin observes that consumer behavior can be “compulsory. “It’s undeniably spaghetti” as opposed to trying to create a coherent narrative. AI can help agencies and brands make sense of the jumble.”

Let’s start by explaining, or rather expanding our understanding of the definition of marketing. In practice, marketing doesn’t stop at generating leads or social media ads. It’s about improving the experiences of your guests and employees in a variety of practical areas, and every area of ​​your business can help here.

Create creative advertising based on information about your hotel, including text, images, and links for additional use of Google services. Speed ​​up the process of creating a hotel chain campaign. Optimize direct booking channels.

Business Intelligence: How Dashboards Drive Profitability; Is Your Business Running Hot Or Cold? Check The Dashboard / June 2007

Performance Max is an AI-powered tool for Google hoteliers. It is based on the artificial intelligence of the creation, which allows you to create professional and well-designed ads, as well as integrate them directly into Google Maps, YouTube, Search, Gmail and even Hotel Ads later.

To give you more control over the ads, you can edit the AI-generated assets or replace them with custom ones. As Google promised, thanks to Performance Max, you will be able to expand the reach of your hotel and run automatic bookings all over Google.

“The ultimate performance of travel goals is a huge opportunity for hotels trying to optimize the direct booking channel. We never imagined such performance and efficiency.”

What’s really good about the hotel AI solution, the services come with property level reporting tools that allow you to better analyze the performance of the ad. Thanks to effective learning resources and Google support, you can speed up the whole process without much effort.

Data Analysis With Power Bi: Hotel Booking Analysis.

The chat box for hotels is designed to help you increase direct bookings and, therefore, reduce the operational costs of managing your staff. The chatbot supports 109 languages ​​and was developed by the good people in Germany.

One of the best features of this hotel AI solution is the ability to connect to Google Business messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, which means you can have the same well-trained chatbot (which knows the specifics of your hotel) for all channels.

Although it is difficult to predict whether it will be suitable for your accommodation or not, if used properly, chatbots can increase productivity, booking rate, and reduce customer waiting time.

Reviewing hotels and properties is an important part of your daily routine, no doubt. But if you sometimes feel like it’s getting too much of a monkey’s work by answering the same questions or posting regular responses to reviews, consider Mara.

Pdf) Business Analytics In Hospitality Industry

It is one of the AI ​​content marketing tools that will generate the most personalized responses to guest reviews on OTAs or other review sites, such as Google Reviews,, etc. A big bonus is that it works in multiple languages. On the cons side, you need to send every review to the interface to produce a manual response.

Anticipate demand for certain rooms or apartments. Create a pricing strategy to maximize revenue in line with changing rates.

Gamechanger by Duetto A predictive analytics software for hotels and resorts that helps optimize every booking. This tool aims to make your revenue management team’s job easier by helping them create a better pricing strategy for each asset.

This solution also helps you to keep track of booking changes in different situations and helps you to optimize the opportunities when they come, even taking into account the dynamic international market.

How Nlp Is Turbocharging Business Intelligence

Lodging businesses that use Duetto AI hospitality marketing tools often report that they were able to generate better short-term forecasting and room type pricing.

“We’ve had months of nothing. We’ve been locked into fixed costs. But a year to date we’re making up a lot of time and a lot of lost revenue. The room rates we’ve achieved with automated pricing have made up for that and we’ve seen record weeks. in terms of rates and occupancy.

Full deployment is 30-60 days. You can find many use cases on how hotels and vacation rentals use analytics software and price conversions.

Analyze customer feedback, generate custom competitive analysis reports, facilitate hotel social media monitoring, direct answers to frequently asked questions.

Juyo Analytics: Your Space To Connect The Dots

Large hotels or hotel chains can find a useful summary of the analysis of customer feedback from various sources, including websites and social media.

Even if you are a family or a vacation rental for a person who works, it can also save you a lot of time analyzing the areas you want to understand or automate FAQs.

Since it’s not tailored to any specific business, it can be time-consuming to figure out how to get the right ideas and put them into action.

Allow AI to accept customer calls to solve various issues, including booking a hotel room over the phone.

Big Data & Analytics — Quintagroup

PolyAI lets you implement human-level conversations to connect with your customers on a day-to-day basis. Especially if your hotel relies heavily on booking guests over the phone, this can happen

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